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 Shonan shore (31 Sec)
 Tokyo Harajuku (31 Sec)
 Mandarin farm (30 Sec)

Ride-able Art !
After building my first Woody thinking that I was a visionary, I came across renovobikes.com
Which only served to fuel my beliefs and experiences...that Wood is a very nice ride !
Then I came across the most amazing and incredible Master Sano Magic in Tokyo, and others that were already building.

By that stage I was in shock !
All of a sudden I understood I was in a ‘Wooden Bike Renascence Vortex’ !!
Modern techniques and materials are opening up a new ‘episode’ of possibilities for a frame building material that surly has come of age.

It seems 'Wooden Frame Building' is only limited by peoples imagination and skill.
With the right application any style bike ‘wood’ be possible...Road, Cyclocross, Off Road, Commuting, Touring, Cargo, Recumbent, Cruisers and Tall Bikes... Did I miss anyone?

Woodys are suited to a growing number of riders that have had a few bikes and are ready for something that is best described as ‘Ride-able Art’
As well as look cool, ride well and smell better, you may have noticed Wood grows on trees !!
What are you waiting for ?

If you are interested in this ‘frame building medium’ your welcome to contact me.
I’m quite willing to share my experiences. Somehow making or riding a hand built frame from the ‘Woods of the World’ wood have to be high on a Bucket List worth kicking …
They take time to build but I think you’ll find the results are worth the wait.

Steel is Real !! ….
But Wood is Wonderful....and Marvelous !!

Single Speed Fast Back. image
Skirting Boards and Seat Stays from Captains Table Restaurant Gold Coast. image
Australian Brushbox chain stay bottoms. image
Fijian Queen Ebony Brake Bridge. image
I'm feeling it !! image
Anatomic workshop expertise. image