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 Shonan shore (31 Sec)
 Tokyo Harajuku (31 Sec)
 Mandarin farm (30 Sec)

A growing number of riders are deciding they want to invest in something that expresses and extends their understanding and love of Cycling.
This demand is behind a renaissance in Custom Frame Building. Wooden Frames are a very new part of this renaissance and are being revived for good reasons. From a technical point of view, to the fact that it ‘grows on trees’ !

But to some this ‘medium’ is something more...
Is it the ‘warmth and feel’ or the ‘ride quality’ of this material that captivates people?
Unless you have the opportunity to ride a Woody, or have the ‘Wood Gene’ deep within you soul you might only see just another bike.

Wooden Frame Building will add another chapter to the Wold of Cycling and I want to be a part of it ! With the application of much effort the ‘Art and Craft of Frame Building’ has a new expanse for expression ...Viva La Velo

Frame renaissance image
Ride Furniture ! image
Whitehall wineglass image
Purple Heart image
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